Our goal is to ensure clean drinking water for all of us, to provide an equitable tax structure to level the playing field for Delaware's working class families, and to re-invest in our infrastructure and our citizens


Clean Water

It is time to make clean drinking water a priority in Delaware. Many people have wells that produce water that does not meet drinking water requirements. We need our public servants to protect Delaware’s water supply by prioritizing the safety of private drinking wells and strictly enforcing environmental laws, especially against corporations that would endanger public health to make a profit.



The recent tax bill in Congress transferred billions of dollars to corporations and the richest 1% of Americans. Here in Delaware, we cannot leave the middle class behind. We need to ease the tax burden on regular, working-class families. Today, a middle class worker making $60,000 a year pays the same state tax rate as somebody making $600,000 a year. That is unfair. By creating new tax brackets on the wealthiest taxpayers, we can lower taxes on Delaware's working families.



Our state's schools are not funded at an equitable level. Some schools districts are receiving nearly 50% more money than others in our state! Our children should not have to go to underfunded schools strictly because of where they live. We must give every student in our state equal access to the best education we can provide. We also need to ensure that we have are able to recruit and keep the best teachers to our state and, in particular, our district. Eastern Sussex County is an attractive place to live, but we need to make sure our teachers are paid competitive salaries, and are given access to every tool necessary to prepare our students for the world they are going to enter.


REinvest in our citizens

The last budget passed by the General Assembly stripped funding from volunteer firefighters, paramedics, after-school programs that teach math and reading, and services for senior citizens. Delawareans rely on these critical programs. As your state representative, I will fully fund programs that protect our families, teach our kids, and help senior citizens live with dignity.