My Values



Reinvest in our citizens

  • Delaware is stronger when we lift each other up. That is why I strongly support investments in programs that keep us safe and help the most vulnerable members of our community. We should invest in volunteer firefighters, paramedics, after-school programs, and services for senior citizens.

Fair taxes for the middle class

  • Delaware’s current tax structure leaves middle class families behind. A middle class worker making $60,000 a year pays the same state tax rate as someone making $600,000. That is unfair. We can reduce taxes on working class families by passing a progressive tax system in Delaware that taxes the very wealthy at a higher rate.

Clean Drinking Water for All

  • State officials seem more concerned about giving corporations wastewater privileges, than providing clean, safe drinking water for the rest of us. Just recently, state officials approved a 90-million gallon wastewater lagoon in Milton for poultry waste from Allen Harim Foods—a company cited for pumping harmful chemicals into Beaverdam Creek at eight times the allowed level. We need strict enforcement of our environmental laws and safe drinking water for all Delawareans.

Health care is a right

  • The Declaration of Independence says that all of us have “certain unalienable rights,” including to “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.” The right to life is meaningless if Americans are refused medical care simply because they cannot pay. All Americans should have the option to buy into Medicare, and if for-profit insurance companies can’t compete, then all Americans should be guaranteed health coverage under Medicare.

Quality education for all

  • I believe that all students in our state, regardless of socioeconomic status or different abilities, deserve a quality education that prepares them for college or the workforce. Rather than labeling schools with struggling students as failing, schools which are often in lower income areas, we need to invest resources and incentivize top teachers to apply and stay in these often uniquely challenging positions.

  • We need to assure that all teachers receive a salary that is competitive with our neighboring states. I believe that we should increase investment in early childhood education opportunities for all of Delaware's children, while also assuring that we fully fund the needs of our community colleges and programs that offer advanced job training skills. An investment in an educated and job-ready workforce benefits everyone throughout the state of Delaware.

Climate change is real, and we need to prepare for it

  • Delmarva sits on a coastal plane. Rising sea levels and increasingly violent storms mean that we need to be prepared for climate change. The United States should rejoin the Paris Climate Accord immediately, and invest in fossil fuel alternatives. Here in Delaware, we should invest in renewable energy, creating the jobs of the future.

Equality regardless of gender or orientation

  • Everyone in this country is guaranteed equal rights under the Constitution. I support equal rights for all genders, races, and sexual orientations. I also support equal pay for equal work.

Immigration reform

  • I support strong borders -- and the DREAM Act. Our borders should be protected with surveillance, patrols, and barriers where practical and needed. But I also support the hard-working young adults granted protection through DACA. These extraordinary dreamers attend school, work, pay their taxes, and are American citizens in every way except on paper. They have been here since a young age, and many have no recollection of their native countries: sending them “home” is really sending them far away from the only home they know.

Voting rights for all citizens

  • All citizens have the right to vote. We should be making it easier to exercise that right. The more people who vote, the better off this country will be. That is why I support automatic voter registration.

Veteran's care

  • Delaware is one of the few states without a property tax exemption for disabled veterans. I support passage of that exemption. I also believe we should consider extending that exemption to all honorably discharged veterans.